Election Day 2020 Questions Answered

“I thought Washington is a vote-by-mail state and we didn’t have polling places anymore, just ballot boxes and the mail. Why is the Center still open on Election Day?”
We spoke with Kittitas County Elections Supervisor Sue Higginbotham to clear this up and help Upper County voters gain a better understanding of what assistance will be available to them at the Center on Election Day.
The UKC Senior Center is providing space, as we always have, on Election Day, as a Vote Center for the County to assist voters. Kittitas County will have 2 staff available Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020 to: Assist folks with Registering to vote; Issue Replacement Ballots; Assist voters with Disabilities voting on the AVU (Accessible Voting Machine); Collect/Receive ballots from voters (both Kittitas County & other County Ballots); There will be voter pamphlets & sample ballots available as well.
Here are some example scenarios they can help with:
  • – A voter did not receive their ballot and needs a replacement ballot – they will have a supply of replacement ballots;
  • Someone moved into the area and hasn’t registered to vote yet – they will be able to register them and provide them a ballot;
  • Someone is traveling, they live in Washington state, but not Kittitas County – they will be able to register them and provide them a ballot;
  • Someone just wants a place to sit down, read through the voter pamphlet and vote their ballot – they will have pamphlets there;
  • Someone wants to use the AVU (Accessible Voting Unit, designed for disabled voters) – they will have the machine there for a voter to use;
  • Someone just wants to drop off their ballot with an official Election Employee- staff will have a sealed box for folks to put their ballots in


Upper County:
  • Roslyn City Hall/Library
  • South Cle Elum Town Hall
  • Cle Elum – Upper District Court
  • Easton Fire Station
  • Ronald Fire Station #1
Lower County:
  • Thorp Fire Station #1
  • Central Washington University
  • Kittitas County Courthouse
  • Kittitas City Hall
For more information about elections, visit the Kittitas County Auditor’s webpage at
Kittitas County Auditor | Elections and Voter Registration

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